I am Pheobe Jackson, my friends call be Pheebz. I am an avid reader, I like most genre’s however,  romance is not my thing.

I support the Indi Authors whenever I can. I believe review and exposure of one’s work is very important. Your review does not need to be brilliant or as meticulous as you might like it to be. Yet it does need to be honest.

I have dabbled in writing for many years, I write for my own well-being and peace of mind.It is like any other skill if you don’t use it, you lose your edge. I do submit short stories here and there.My most recent appeared in the book Give :  An Anthology of Anatomical Entries, “Skinned” found on Amazon.http://www.amazon.com/Give-Anthology-Anatomical-Jonathan-Lambert-ebook/dp/B00WRP0A88/

I live in Ohio with my Hubby of many years we have a grown daughter and are expecting our 5th grandchild this Oct between my mom’s birthday and mine. I really hope she is born on my mom’s birthday Oct 21. My mom was ” One of a kind “, tough as nails with a gentle heart.This baby will make 4 girls for us with 1 boy. Aging from New to 9 yrs old.I wouldn’t  want to be in that house when they are all teens.LOL


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