Welcome To Petenstine’s Attic of Books.


Here I hope to feature Horror Author’s and their books. My hope for you is that you may find your next favorite Author or book within the walls of my attic.So grab a comfy chair and settle in and let’s talk books.

This is an informal setting, I am not, nor have I ever been a professional blogger.This is all new to me so please be patient and forgive my blunders as I learn along the way.

On occasion, I may feature a book or series of books that has a little romance in it, as well as zombies or monsters. But please understand that this is no place for the “Romance Crowd”, nor a place to feature adult-themed books that are for the more risqué. The web is overloaded with places to promote those types of books.I may also feature some books with  Woodland creature, Fantasy, Fringe Killer and Steampunk themed as well.But for the most part, I would like to focus on the  Horror, Suspense and Thriller  genre  here. Thank you.